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We walk out the back door stepping barefoot on the grass flooring.
Surrounded by walls adorned with pastel vines, 
flower beds dripping bright hues and earthy tones.

Home bound, feeling grounded, this is where life slows.

Sitting under the sky ceiling, reminiscing our travel last summer
Nostalgic, into the balmy day, we flow.

Watching the spots of sunlight forming patterns on our palms, burying our head in books to escape the lingering itch to get away. We juggle and play.

A soft scented breeze blows stirring the leaves, whispering a tune in our ears. We move with the melody, tapping our toes.

Time seems to have stretched and we lay still.
Thoughts leave our mind as we unwind.

Oblivious to our surroundings we enter a dream, we give in. 
Lead us back home, let us begin the journey within.


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