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Festivities come knocking like house guests
Giving us a reason to be together, and re-unite
Homes fragrant with the aroma of
flowers, vibrant, lit up and bright

Welcoming the auspicious time with excitement
We bond over decoration and adornment
Cheerfulness and chatter fill the evening air
Celebrations bring us closer, year after year

Sing,dance,rejoice and wash away the worries 
These moments of happiness make for a
lifetime of memories
Permanent,cant fade away the long lasting ties


Pakko, meaning “solid”, embroidery gets its name from
the legendary notion that this style of embroidery is
Even if the background cloth wears away,
artisans believe, the stitching will remain.
Amidst the barren desert landscape of Kutch, smatterings
of color are a representation of life.
Embroidery, here, is not a glorious vocation but part
of the daily fabric of how a day is spent.
To them, embroidering has been an expression, a reason
to sit together, memories handed over by a mother to
 her daughter and a matter of pride.

The collection is based on this tale and technique,
of solid, long lasting family ties.


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