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All of us wanderers, walking the earth trying

to define our paths.

Each day jumbled with a new experience

challenge or opportunity,
we find strength in our hearts.
Crossing paths with other wanderers

we vibe.

Together moving forward, we find our

own tribe.

Soaking in the episodes, carrying a patch
of it on our soul, we dance and roar.

Is this is our jungle,
called life.


India is a country known for its cultural diversity and the dramatic appearance of its many ethnic groups. Yet even here, one group stands apart for the beauty of its traditional costume the Banjara.

The word Banjara  is derived from the sanskrit word vana chara, meaning Vanjari - wanderers in the jungle.


The Banjara women, with their elaborate adornment, seem to partake of something that marks them as special. Indeed this is the purpose of most clothing worn by tribal cultures, the beads, cowries, embroidery announce a persons identity.


Inspired by this wandering tribe and their adornment identity, we have created embellishments and embroidery patterns that remind us of experiences or paths taken, things we collected wandering along those paths, patching it all up together.


The garments have strength of personality that permits them to wander over the wearer, without diminishing their distinctive  character.


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