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The Moon shines in the night sky,
keeping the darkness at bay
Only seen when all is quiet,
it illuminates our night of grey

Awash in the silver light,
our fears and doubts allude
As we are humbled by its beauty,
our souls now seclude

It's alluring presence remains,
illuminating the dark hills
The lunar glow bringing a calming, soothing chill

The Moon is never alone,
though its presence is sublime
It shares its night with so many stars,
as grand and gentle as time

For though the Moon herself,
may never speak aloud
We have the cosmic wonder to thank,
for its peace and its clouds


The moon has long been an inspiration for women’s clothing. The moon surrounded
by the stars in the evening sky is a sight that never tires us. Its warmth and
comforting presence has always been captivating. Forever drawn, inspired and
bathing in this cosmic energy. With this collection, let’s turn our eyes to our beloved
Chand and Tara, taking inspiration from its cycles, phases, and hues.

This collection mirrors the ever-changing facets of the changing moon: soft, yet
sophisticated garments in fluid lines and romantic silhouettes, muted pastel tones
reflecting the soft light of the evening sky, and fabrics with natural sheen, that
embrace the mystery of the universe that guides us.

Stark yet delicate, the moon can be seen in the organic ripples and textures of the
fabrics draped around the womanly figure. The moon and star inspired motifs reflect
the beauty of the luminescence of these celestial bodies.The garments carry a soft
and illuminating moon like spirit, we introduce to you Qamari.


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